Freedom and Slavery

January 4, 2008
Freedom and Slavery,
Right and wrong,
Criminals have lives that are halted,
The innocent will always move along.

Persecuted and Defended,
Assert and blame,
The truthful are honest with their right hand,
Crooks, vile, and selfish, have lust strung over their shame.

Peace and War,
Tranquility and abhorrence,
The Noble are brilliant and fortified,
The Cowardly dupe their own passive intelligence.

Love and Hate,
Passion and spite,
The Considerate show strength in their heart through epic roles,
The Pessimists have no ounce of might.

Riches and Poverty,
Splendor and burdens,
The Prosperous will build themselves immense,
The Lazy no helping hand will they lend.

Power and Meekness,
Determination and fear,
The Ambitious have a responsibility to be great,
The intimidated only seek ambition, gaining nothing but a tear.

The redemption of the mistaken, reprieving with no piety,
Wandering amiss the golden streets,
Of the haven in America.

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midnight_dream said...
Jun. 12, 2011 at 11:21 pm
very intense
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