Twas the Day Before the Season

January 4, 2008
By Dylan Porter, Blacksburg, SC

Twas the day before the season
And all through the feild house.
Not a heartbeat was silent
None as quiet as a mouse.

The players at attention,
Enemy posters in the air.
The Yankees are a monster!
We all must go their!

They shined thier cleats,
Like little business men,
And they sent out all of our players
To beat the Yankees 0-10.

From first, from second,
From third, to home
They battered Yankee players
All throughout the dome.

As their cleats crunched the sand
They rounded the bases.
Hoping to get to rub the win
All in thier opponent's faces.

They won, they,
They did it once again.
They beat those Yankees

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