Million Dollar Penny

January 4, 2008
Walking into work today,
With a sigh on my face,
I do my daily commute, as usual
Nothing out of the ordinary,
Times Square flashing all of its lights,
Cars go speeding by, cars honking at one another:
Right when the light turned green, the stench of
Garbage, the sight of pigeons flying over head
But something was different today – I just knew it.
I was almost at work when I found
A penny just merely lying on the ground,
Heads up right then I knew I was lucky – This was
My penny.

Two years later I still kept the penny I had found
Next to my bed, on my night stand, petite, brown nights stand,
That has a little lamp in the corner. Every night
I put my lucky penny on top of the receipt, to remind me
Of the luck I once had.

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