January 4, 2008
Anticipation grows,
Growing all year.
Must see this movie,
Number one on the list.
Waiting seems eternal,
Movie may never come.
Minutes reflect hours,
Hours reflect days.
Showtime finally here.
Anticipation peaking,
Movie reeling.
What will the music be like?
Will it be true?
Will it live up?
First song,
Notes fly off the screen,
Amazing music.
John, Paul, George, Ringo,
Linger in the air.
Their presence felt,
Their presence heard.
Every note played,
Flashes the Fab Four.
An era opened for people now and then.
The early 60’s,
So innocent,
So cool,
Full of love.
Then it hits,
The great divide.
Race riots,
Death, uncertainty,
Clouding the American way.
Fab four,
Still rocking on.
In turbulent mist,
True love is found.
A love that last forever,
Until the revolution hits home.
Drugs, Sex and Rock & Roll,
Innocence gone.
Protest fills the streets,
True love splits over revolution.
How sad.
Everyone lonely,
Everyone longing.
Missing other half.
Everyone so far-off,
Across The Universe.
Protest at its height,
Revolution flooding America.
Will it ever stop?
Aftermath is slow,
Lost love rekindled.
Love that lasts forever.
Turbulence is over!
Peace around the corner.
All You Need Is Love.
The Beatles presence felt strong.
Jude looks to the sky for his love.
Lucy shines like a diamond in the sky.
She Loves You,
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
This movie,
I love

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