January 4, 2008
Am I truly alone
with no one to hold?
Am I truly alone
can my heart and mind be that bold?

I look into the mirror
My mind is lost
The walls are growin nearer
and my life might be the cost

I'm thinking bout her smile
It's killing me inside
I'm thinking bout her smile
Knowing she will never be by my side

Why do I feel this pain?
Do I really deserve this?
I have lost so much with nothing to gain
so do I really deserve this?

It's like I'm falling down
into a pool of broken hearts
I might as well drown
because no one can mend my heart

I've liked many girls before
each one the same
turned down so many times before
Am I really all that lame?

Why do I fall for a girl
who is also my friend?
Why can't I find the girl
who will make all this pain end?

When girls look at me
wat do they see?
Do they see the real me
or what they are trying to make me be?

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