January 3, 2008
By Samrach Phon, Clinton, CT

God’s most precious gift doesn’t always seem like one when times are tough.
Everyday resembles another day wasted.
One less cherished minute sets the beginning of the end.
The beginning of what we call life.

As we continue on with it, we grow to cherish more and more of it.
Until the very last second where it seems that we have had enough of it.
The end of what we cherish most is never easy.
Throwing it away always has its regrets.
The regret of never seeing it again.
Never seeing that special person again.
The shame of giving up God’s most precious gift.

When we see the sun rise, it is always easy to start the day happily.
Yet, some people find the sunset an admirable moment in nature.
I look up at the stars and see what I can see.
I see what science and technology taught me.
I see the knowledge bound by ignorance.
Fun is subjective yet so is life.

Many people cherish the time with others.
Some walk the lonely road.
Keeping straight in life always seems the ideal concept.
Yet, in different cultures isn’t the true path always different?
The jungle is filled with what we hate most.
The world seems to resemble both hands.

Memories are what we keep dearest to us;
Picture frames, books, writing.
Rules keeps us bound.
Time keeps us on our road.
Expectations seems to change our lives.
Yet, let us all walk our own road.
Let us walk into what we believe is truly right and honorable.
We are all in this life together.
Majority isn’t always right; reason is.
Do not aim for money.
Aim for what you cherish.
Aim for the fire that keeps your life lit.

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