January 3, 2008
She turned her back today,
Shocking everything but the wilted flower
Planted conveniently outside of her bedroom window,
Drizzled with a cold relentless summer's rain.

It glared at her with a helpless cry of desperation,
One she knew all too well.

She closed the doors today,
Doors precious, but weak.
Ones that guarded her fragile heart.

She promised herself the hurt was to go away, today.
This a promise even the flower knew would someday wilt away.

Her head spun with worries.
They crawled through her veins, swam through her stomach,
And promised never to cease.

She looked out her window today,
Her eyes focusing in on the limp remains,
Of what was once a flower.

She saw a familiar face staring back at her,
Emotions exhausted and drained,
Searching helplessly for something good.

She put up a wall today,
Shocking even the wilted flower outside of her bedroom window.
A wall surrounding every inch of her being.

She promised herself that this was the end.
The end of being let down.
The end of being abused.
The end of being broken.

She took a vow today,
One just like her flower.
And from this moment on
She let into her heart,
Nothing but unpredictable sunshine
And the summer's cold relentless rain.

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