June 10, 2008
By James Oczkowski, Flemington, NJ

What have I become?
I’ve been so dumb
Trusting people who are fake,
Making a huge mistake!

Getting stabbed in the back more than 1 time,
How I react is by committing a crime.
Fighting, setting fires and stuff like that,
I think of my past and I wish I could go back.

Emotions pulling me in different directions,
I’m ending up in different sections.
My mind is here, but my heart is there,
Why am I here if I don’t really care.

I’m stepping on people and some other things,
Trying to see what the future brings.
It’s nothing I planned-
I stepped in quick sand.

I do one thing wrong,
I try to act strong.
I sink in deeper—up to my nose,
They ask where did he go—nobody knows.

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