June 10, 2008
He starts talking smack
And you take his stuff for a little bit
The challenge keeps coming back
‘til you can’t take no more of this
“That’s it, you want it? You got it”

You come to the court and laugh
He can’t shoot, dribble, or catch a pass
Hoping he’s got a miracle
You wish for this game to last
More than 3 minutes is noble

Before you know it he’s winning
But his skills are just by luck
So you start making three’s every second
‘til you finally had enough

Two more points for both to win
But you just want to play with him
You take him to the left and swing
With a crossover and a shoulder lean
You throw the ball up and it goes in
For the one then the two
And the end of the game

The moral of this game theme
Is don’t talk hollow trash
And you don’t have to be scared to be beat

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