Breed of the Rejected

June 10, 2008
By Derrick Pierre, Opa Locka, FL

Gone from my grasp repeatedly
Every girl I have ever loved
Hurting me so any times
I do not wish for an echo

I feel the loneliness stalking me
Waiting to strike with a vengeance
Ending the same every time
Giving me so much pain
It may as well be a crime

The truth of the matter is definite
I am shy and emotionally incoherent
Sure enough no one is satisfied for long
No one keeps a steady flow of interest
But everyone seems to leave me with grief

I always feel the same thereafter
Longing to be loved as once before
Yearning to be held once more
But never too long a time
before I am perceptibly reassured
I am not meant to be happy
I am not meant to be loved
I am meant only to be destroyed

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