June 10, 2008
By Derrick Pierre, Opa Locka, FL

“I dedicate this to Becca”

She was there always
On the phone was all we had
She loved me more than others
She’s Becca the best girlfriend I ever had
But we had to be away from each other
Those arrangements made me sad
She lives in Missouri but we couldn’t be closer

I used to be really happy
‘Til all of that just burned away
Lost in the bottomless fire of life
But I remember her still today
You might not care about this now
but my words will irregardlessly
Blaze into this hell

What do I do now?

Remembering hurts my head
Every time I think of her I cry
Because of all the things I could’ve said
Every time I write about her I die a little inside
Constantly coming back alive
Calling her every chance I have
And that didn’t stop fate from burning away all of that
All that I have

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