Once Upon A Time

June 10, 2008
By Allison Holman, Reston, VA

I walk back across the water
Which I crossed long ago
I look into the images
And I see the girl
I once upon a time
She looks at me
And I see
All the things
I’ve been made up to be
I see all things
In which I’ve done

I look up and see the shore
All the buildings and all the times
All the people who recede
These people I once knew
Once upon a time

I’ve been away way to long
It seems time has taken its turn
They aren’t the same ones
I once knew
Though they look and sound the same
Our memories have taken different lanes

I reach out my hand
Almost as if were enough
To take it all back
To keep the touch

I’ve said too much
Without my voice
Too many words
Gone by since then
Just a few years ago
I was one of them

But I hurried to where I was safe
Away from these people
And away from this place
Now they’re along way gone
Down the wishing well
And past the overgrown hills
Back into the book of fairy tales
With never after ever
Happily ever after endings
Only to begin
Once upon a time

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