The Good, the Bad, and the Perpetually Thirsty

June 10, 2008
By feralxcarol BRONZE, Thornfield, Missouri
feralxcarol BRONZE, Thornfield, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
Gott weis ich will kein engel sein.

Honey eyes, warm and gentle
Silken voice, nonjudgemental
Golden eyes, excited, bright
Musical laugh, friendly and light
Ocher eyes, audacious and bold
Pale skin, smooth and cold
Onyx eyes, dangerous and grave
Seductive smile, he can't behave
"Trust me" he breathed in a voice so stirring
He beckoned to me, his expression alluring
His features glistened in the sun
Unnatural, my instincts told me to run
Frozen in place, but not by fear
He took a step forward and brushed away my tear
"You've watched my eyes grow darker by day,
But I ask you one thing, do you wish me to stay?"
A gentle wind blew through my hair
The scent was more than he could bear
Our embrace was cut short, his body went rigid
I took a step back, his eyes were frigid
He dissappeared, before I could check
I felt his cool breath on the back of my neck
His fangs lingered, grazing my skin
He fought, too hard, the demon within
"It's not safe for us to be,
With that said, I'll take my leave,
I'll always love you, but please move on"
I opened my eyes, and he was gone.

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