The Fallen Soldier

June 10, 2008
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I stare out to sea from the sinister shore
Watching the waves, waiting for you to return
I concentrate to comprehend the chaos you call comfort
Fighting for freedom, fighting for friends
Praying for protection, dodging destruction, awaiting the end
Bullets and blood beckon the battlefield
Dreaded dark hour awaits the combatant anxious
In their safety zone they must stay
Closely finishing in an arms race
It begins
Dealing death freely from idle hands
It rains
A soldier in black emerges from a shadow with weapon in hand
Sweat and acid drips from his fists
The soldier falls
Click, reload, aim, fire
Soldiers and corpses corrupted in black hearted rage
Ash and flame, the smoke begins to clear
Laying in a pool of bloody betrayal
But its not the end, no
Who has won?
Searching for survival among the many who have fallen
No heart beats in the safety zone
Cries of woe carries in the wind
A red sun rises

Who has really won?

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