Misplaced Star

June 9, 2008
By Shanel Kendrick, Broad Brook, CT

When is the time,
The time to move,
Move on past all the troubled news.
News that scares us,
News that make us,
Make us into what we cannot be.
Become someone, you don't know.
Unrecognizable to all who grow.
Grow to power, to undefeated.
All 'cause no one knows you cheated.

Feel the pressure building inside of you.

You're so confused you don't know what to do.

Just be yourself, don't lose your touch.

It's all so simple, so listen up.

You is who you are.
Just for the time being, you're a misplaced star.
Misplaced star----is who you are.
The Earth is your sky.
Just find out where you belong.
Misplaced star----is who you are.
Don't ever give up.
Just try your best and know you'll have another day.

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