devil in disguise

February 10, 2011
By isabellerhiannon BRONZE, Hillsboro, New Hampshire
isabellerhiannon BRONZE, Hillsboro, New Hampshire
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your demons manifest in the midst of night
gnawing at your soul, eating away at your insides
your trembling fists swing in the endless fight
with the relentless devil in disguise

the guilt fills your blood with adrenaline
your eyes stay peeled under the blanket of Erebus
your heart pounds against your ribcage, it screams anxious
tonight will you be the victim or the heroine?

the devil grabs you, pulls you by your wrists
you’re swaying to his song, to his harsh beat
you can’t break free, you can’t move your feet
against his lead, he leans, forcing a hard kiss

a smile conquers his face. he knows what he did
he knows he’s been haunting you since you were a kid
when you watched the gallivanting shadows, mind wired
wondering what they were, how they got there, eyes tired

my dear, you are the shadow now. you’re tangoing with Lucifer
you’re a marionette in his spiteful hands, you’re his martyr
all of your ominous insecurities fill you to the brim
and it’s then you give in, you give your life to him

you can close your eyes and face your harrowing nightmares
or keep them open and feel hell searing the ends of your hair
see, darling, there is no tranquil compromise
when you’re dancing with the devil in disguise

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