fix my heart

June 9, 2008
By Devin parker, Spring Valley, IL

Blacken my soul
Fill my cup with sins
Replenish the lives that I’ve ruined
Give them back all their joy
So I can live in peace
At last I never knew
My body would crave you
Blacken my eyes so I can’t see what pain I’ve caused
Stitch up my mouth
Before I can do it again
Bind my hand with razor wire so I’m not tempted to attack
Break my ankles so I can’t run and hide
I want to face what I’ve held inside
It’s not too late
Just do as I say
Glue my ears shut so I can’t hear them scream
Fill my nose with clay so I can’t smell there fear
Get rid of my mind so I can’t think of them
Open my chest and fix my heart
Pull out all the dust and dirt
Make it so I can love again
Blacken my eyes
Stitch up my mouth
Bind my hand with razor wire
Break my ankles
Plug my nose
Glue my ears
Get rid of my brain
But fix my heart so I can love again…

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