Memories at Howell Memorial Middle School

June 9, 2008
By Alyssa Cruz, Freehold, NJ

I began as a 6th grader in my first year.
My memories I have will never disappear.
I have met new friends that I will never forget.
I’ve made many mistakes that I’ll regret.

During 7th grade I had high expectations.
Through the years I’ve had many imaginations.
Though my expectations were very high
I’ll always be reaching for the sky.

Even though there were people who made fun of me
I’ll always know it was for people to see.
They may not know that it broke my heart
And that inside of me I fell apart.

They should know who they are
I wish them luck, as for life they won’t go far.
Even in the end I may not understand
I have many things better that are planned.

I have learned a lot from my three years.
In the end we’ll shed many tears.
Even though our end is near
I’ll always be happy that I came here.

The day we were dreading has came.
I hope everything will stay the same.
It is time to go our separate ways.
I hope we see each other in other days.

My last year in Howell Memorial Middle School has gone by so fast.
With my friends I had a blast.
Now its time to say goodbye
I will never forget this day until the day I die.

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