My Famous Friends

June 9, 2008
MY best friend is the homecoming queen,
High school royalty when she was only sixteen.
She's left a string of men from block to block.
She's gone through every genre from rap to classic rock
in the summer, she'll finally leave this place
with one last catty remark and a smug look on her face.
Her future is full of buildings that i'll never see,
I'll never make it as far, but it's still nice to believe.

My best friend is the teenage mom
with a chip on her shoulder and a dead end job
she's been there through the thick and thin,
and watched me make the same mistakes again and again
i watched her spiral into the dark,
but her baby brought light back in her heart
so when the next guy poisons me and leaves me love-drunk
she'll be the one to step up and throw the first punch.

My best friend is the theatre girl.
Who never goes any where without her pearls.
Her next stop is new york city
and she always says "You know you could come with me"
I've seen her scream and break phones in half
but she's the only one who knows why horses make me laugh
you'll see her on a role of film, portraying a drug addict
but she's always been one to love the erratic.

My best friend is the one who broke my heart
the kind of disappointment like never seeing a shooting star
i never thought i'd see the day when we'd fall
but i also never thought i'd crash so hard into such an obvious wall
the bitter thoughts have faded
but they never disappear
loosing grip of what i thought i had was my biggest fear
but if that's the case, why do i still write?
shouldn't he be any where except in my mind tonight?

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