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June 9, 2008
Zipper of your jeans was undone. A
Yearning desire to
eXempt myself from all my
Wobbling morals and indulge in
Vigilantism over enthused me.
Uselessly I tried turning away further
Testing my ability to keep control. This
Situation would more than likely
Replay in my mind for months. I wanted to
Question nothing. I had mis-
Perceived how fearless and
Open you had to be. I was
Naïve. Despite all the warnings
My mother gave, I
Left all my innocence behind,
Keeping nothing and giving
Justification to our hollow acts.
I was extremely awkward and
Hesitant at first, but you forgave me.
Goosebumps rose on my skin
From your touch and the
Entrancement you had over me
Deluded the meaningless of the moment. The
Chance for something more
Buoyed for a second in my mind before,
As always, reality crashed in.

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