The Beautiful You

June 8, 2008
While I remain here and no one notices me,
Tears shed and rest upon my shirt you bought.
Like the child who falls asleep in terror,
Wishing for life to be different.
Thinking what if, hoping for a change of heart.

The voice of hurt and anger
Fills my ears with doubt.
I wish my parents would stop.

The darkness of the room swallows me whole,
Making me wanting to crawl inside myself
And destroy the pain that chokes my heart.
Cant you see I’m alone?

You sneaked behind our backs and lied,
Never telling us the truth.
Late nights, coming in through the back door.
Why don’t you love us anymore?
You make me sick.
What, you thought you wouldn’t get caught?

Well now it’s out in the open,
Uncovered and stripped.
My heart falls sore as the anger grows within,
Never laying to rest.
Look at our family now.
Is this how you wanted it to be?

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