Morning Shades & Midnight Hues

June 8, 2008
By Kirsten McGuirk, Carl Junction, MO

I wake up
To tightly drawn shades,
Get up
And put on my shades,
Look around
To find your shades,
See what I have found,
New colors, different shades.
Good morning,
No morning!
Not today.
Not lost, not confused,
Perfectly hitting cues.
Sky shaded blues,
Of all the hues,
There will be no gray!

I go to bed
Block out the hues,
Rest my head
Look away from hues,
Hear the sound
See no hues,
Tide up and bound,
Completely without hues.
Good night!
Sleep tight.
It will never end.
Lucky black spades,
And glory that never fades,
Like in the secrect crusades,
Of all the shades.
Morning and night, all over again.

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