Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

June 8, 2008
Tears fall
From out of the sky;
Crash in your eyes.
They drown your sight
In a sea of sadness.
Protect yourself;
Grab your guns
Put your guard up
Lace up your boots,
And pick your path.
Let the rain fall;
Destroy it with your strength.
Delete the painful memories of
Acidic tears burning through your heart.
The reason for pain;
It doesn't exist.
Outside of your thought processing walls
And your contained imagination
None of this exists
Forget it happened;
Don't remember me when you're old.
If life is worth living
When the sky stops bawling
Only think of one thing:
Yesterday is the past;
It's history.
Tomorrow is a mystery,
And today is a gift;
That's why it's called
The present.

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