June 8, 2008
Six feet,
two halves no longer whole,
unearthly to be apart...by a mere and infinite
Eyes wild-
Strangled cry-
I drop to my knee to new earth
and bury my fingers in soil.
Twisting and flinging-
Grabbing and soothing,
I cannot reach you.

Tears that cannot be traded for tokens,
that slide down purple shadows and
streched skin-
Howling like a wolf
They pull me from your tomb-
Disgust your response from my wild kicking-
The irational need to lay on soil ground six feet above.

Rage hits
Bliss cut-
Future memories cut short-
Waste of accidental misfortune.

Second chances are laughable
Loss leads from death-
and your is not eternal.

No kiss-
No sigh-
No hitch-
No breath-
When my turn comes...
...we know truth.
We dared not to drink the opium of the masses,
when in entangled sheets-
legs entwined-
upturn smiles in both directions-
We fought to die like we are born.
They take me-
But they will not keep me-
I will return
to your new home,
and dig,
to lie nest to your ashes-
and lick my wounds next to your lifeless presenc

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