June 8, 2008
By Hanedie Eliacin Mars, Orlando, FL

Life is way too short to have second thoughts.

There are so many problems floating around in the world.

Unemployment. Maybe uninsured.


Poverty. Maybe homeless.

Living in the projects.

Gangs. As a way to be tough or survive.


Oh, where do I even begin?

Skin, brain, lung, and breast.

Heart problems. Strokes and others.

We can have heat exhaustion, autism.

You could hyper vane late if you get too excited.

Hypothermia if you're in water at freezing temperatures.

We can be mentally retarded,paralyzed, or disabled.

We can have anger problems or be bipolar.

Tantrums might lead to you snapping.

Only reason is because we don't let everything out, we keep things bottled in.

We can have ADD or ADHD.

Maybe an unknown disease that have your doctors stumped.

Living with your aunt and uncle because everyone else died in your family.

Just a little stubborn or hard headed.

Verbal and physical abuse.

Sexual harrassment.



Teen sex. A lot of times it's peer pressure.


Teen pregnancy.

Underage marriages.


Scarlet fever, lupus, psoriasis.

Herpes, HIV/AIDS.

Heart failed on the way to the hospital

Hurting emotionally.

Maybe poisoned by mercury or some other deadly poison and lived to tell the tale.

Food Poisoning.

Smuggling illegal drugs. Ecstasy.



Presciption drugs that are abused.


Steroids. What's the point people?

How about Down Syndrome?

Sex addicts.

Drug addicts.

Smoking. Destroys your lungs.

Alchohol addicted. More chance of overdosing.


Commiting suicide. Find no point in their lives seeking death.

Road rage.

DUI. Getting your license suspended.

Cutters. As a way to relieve anger, pain.

These things are just a minimum to what the world has in store for you. The bigger this state gets the more things that will be discovered. I guarantee it. It doesn't matter if you know you have a disease or not, we all go through the same pain.

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