June 8, 2008
Take a look at your life. Is it everything you want it to be. Do you think you need to improve your life?

Life is full of pain and joy. No matter how much you try to avoid the pain, it always comes. What brings you pain brings you joy.

What about your parent's lives? Do you think they should change their lives at all? I'm a slow learner, but I'm learning step by step how to handle different situations. It wasn't my choice to have seizures.

But this isn't about me. Look at your little sister's or brother's life. Fine, right. But what about a child that's abused or neglected? Are their lives any different from yours?

Well duh. Why would I even ask such a question? What I don't understand is bad things happening in our lives. Bad things happen to people, I know that. My question is why do they keep happening? And how come they happen to good people so often? I mean, shouldn't bad things happen to bad people?

Challenges. Teen life. We have lots of issues when it comes to teens. Drama, for sure. Every year, drama comes after me like a cheetah ready to attack. Like I said, this isn't about me. Now whenever someone is ready to fight, they have an honest reason. There's no teen, child, young adult on this earth that would be dumb enough to step up to another. Come to think of it, yes there is.

What about aunt or uncle? Well that's another story. Life is full of obstacles, of course. But you have to overcome all of them and not avoid them like I've been doing. I tried so hard to avoid any and every obstacle that life dared to throw at me. Pretty pathetic, right?

Grandma, grandpa, the senior citizens. My grandma always used one of her favorite quotes whenever I was in trouble. Your grandma probably does the same. Maybe she went out of her way to keep a secret from your mom.

We all have obstacles to overcome, whether big or small. Maybe you're hurting so badly, you can't even walk. Maybe every staep you take that day feels like you have a ton weighing down on you. I saw that happen to a student April 23, 2008.

Life insists of pain and joy, whether good or bad. It comes and goes whenever you may be your happiest or worst. It can happen at any moment to good and bad people. We just have to be prepared.

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