Car Conversations

June 8, 2008
Nails brush sweat-licked seatbelts
teeth chew on the ends of cheeks
air carries heavy "What-I-Saids"
throat swallows "What-I-Meants"
thoughts with blank words
always ironically articulated by that damn background song
saying it so perfectly
while frustrated breaths exhale
and cursing becomes every profound
verb, noun, and adjective
for all feeling

FIngers deadlocked on the handle
-flirt with threats to pull-
face contorts like,

Do you have anything else to say to me?

Fix this.
The swelling lie "I don't give a ----"
yet boiling blood and anxious heart
suggest an addiction to our breath mixing
-a relapse on edge-
"Fines" spit like crossfire.

The cement cold even through shoes
every echo so dramatic.

I wonder how long he lingered
after I shut the door
and walked.

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