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Freeing Medusa

June 8, 2008
By Julia Holemans BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
Julia Holemans BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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You say you're sorry
You swear
You don't know what to say
You never do
So it is better
To keep my mouth shut
With those words I never
Say swishing black
Against my teeth
But I've bit my tongue
Till it's bled out
Red seeping through
And I want to scream
Like medusa
But what if
I turn everybody to stone?
And the lies that finally
Worm their way through
My insubstantial filter
Of etiquette
Nobody will ever know
The truth but me
But my medusa wants
Vengeance for years
Of silence
So I will yell from
The rooftops the truth
Till my voice is bleeding
And everybody is
Made of
Cold and unforgiving
For my excuse

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