Angel from my dreams (The promise I keep to my self.)

June 8, 2008
By August Duskman, Stella, NE

Please angel from my dreams lift me so to breath so sweet air to me.
Smelling your neck,
holding you close,
kissing your lips.
All so smooth and moist.
Body so soft and close.

Please give me words of promise,
words of warmth.
To save me from this winter course the nights I wish for your naked warmth.
Giving me this rapid beat inside my cheast I could not define with my best intents.

Please stay next to me hold my hand,
cup it tightly and you'll understand.
My words come from my heart and soul.
So when I say
"I'll love more then anything I loved before."
So trust my word I shall not stray,
I'll love you tomorrow and I'll love you today.

Please just love me intile I decay.
After dieing of old age
and I shale do the same.
As for now I'll just dream away.

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