Living A Nightmare

June 7, 2008
By Kayley Sutton, Canterbury, ZZ

Nightmare proceed.
Destroy all I need.
But I shall awaken and it'l still be the same.
Her sweet smile fades.
Her blood on my hands.
Now's too late to change.

As she lay there dying.
I didn't think she understood my crying.
Her glazed eyes show my reflection.
She doesn't look at peace.

Looking closer now I see the broken heart inside.
I wish it could be me.
The essence of her being, going with the wind.
Seeing her like this, it's killing me.
She does'nt want to leave.

I held her tighter.
Trying to prevent heaven regaining their angel.
I'll never let her go.
I can still hear her screaming, I could'nt ease her pain.
Her blank eyes accusing, as if I were to blame.

I didn't say I could save her.
But more than anything, I wanted her to live.
To see her smile again.
To wash the blood off my hands.
So long i'd watched her from afar.
Her ghost haunts me still.
I should of told her that I love her.
Now she'l never know.

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