Less than a fairytale, more than a dream

June 7, 2008
Fragile and alone this girls searches, pale and confused she calls his unknown name. Seductive and sweet is the name of forbidden love. She strives for such two words. A man seemingly nonexistent she believes wanders this earth. Searching for her also? She can't be sure. Maybe somehow hearing her calls... She will wait, avoiding distractions along the way. She travels this path of uncertainty clinging to the faith of a lord she is also not sure exists. But can she shun her past and leave behind the undying sourness in her mind? If she ever is to find such a man will she truly accept a gift she does not deserve? But looking in her soft eyes you can almost feel the determination to seek this man of difference from the rest of the world. We all know she shall never back down from her eternal quest of a man who defines infallible love.

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