Lost pieces that i though were mine

June 7, 2008
By christina collins, Raymond, NH

Can't forget what I lost, always following me.
Wanting you to stay, but you slip away and i'm left alone and with my heart left and broken.
Feeling lost, but know that it's not over.
Knowing that what I feel won't go away, even though I feel that I should move on.
Every time I try, you come back into my mind and all i feel is my heart breaking again.
Breaking into pieces that can't be put back together, not without you.
I wish it was still the same but all you've done for me is leave.
Leave and never return, even when I'm right in front of you.
Always wanting that feeling back, but everything that I feel is nothing and I feel I can't go on.
Not without falling apart, Losing you is the last thing I want.it's happening and it won't stop.
stopping myself from once loving you is impossible.
Moving on is the one thing hat I know is the only way to heal my heart and pick up the broken pieces that were once falling out of my grasp and into yours.

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