What Is To Become Of Me?

June 7, 2008
As time fades
I question,
What is to become of me?

A single candle,
A single candle,
Wards of the Dark.
A single candle dissipates,
As my heart turns to the Dark.

Said candle held life.
No more.
Said candle’s existence,
No more.
Only Dark knows of my life.
Only Dark controls my essence.

The Dark,
So lonely and feared.
The Dark,
So harsh, So freezing, So dead.
The Dark,
Overtakes…leaving flame abroad.

Flames so furious,
So ferocious!
Flames engulf my essence, my being.
Screams of tortured souls,
Await thy destiny.

Thy destiny
So cold, So misunderstood.
Thy fate,
So unfortunate.
Thy end,
My end.

As the Serpent stand before thyself
I ask myself,
Yet again,
That clocked question…
What is to become of me?
The answer: thy destiny, thy fate, thy end…the Dark.

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