How many times can love be destroyed before it has an effect

June 7, 2008
I want to take the word love,
And squeeze it, tear it, and rip it apart
Massacre this sacred heart,

Smear it all over the mirror
So when eyes look in the trapped reverse dimension,
They can be reminded of courage and strength
To adhere to the wrongs and unjust.

Stain it upon designed clothing
As the mark of the fashionable corruption
To pursue an identity of appeal and attraction
When a logo gets the praise and not
The soulless rags that manifested the articles.

Rub it under armpits and
Spray the bloody mist across bodies
So noses can be tricked
By a scent deceived to be mistaken.

Crush it, pound it, grind it into
Grains so they can erode in the air,

Snort them up my nose
To intoxicate me with feelings
Uncontrollable and exotic,

Feed the leftover meaty chunks to the dogs of men
For they will lust upon this flesh
With their sick twisted minds

Penetrating knives into their hearts,
Bleeding them to the empty scoundrels
They are, as they seek
Happiness for themselves but are tortured
Unknowingly with despair and loss,

Each day they become more animal
Possessing instincts that feed hungrily on pleasure,
Devouring the women and children of society,
Bursting morality like a bubble,

Without Love Life is Lost.
Love is

Drained from their souls
And Poured with grotesque sewage,
Filling the cells with the filth from
Shame, guilt, pride, and obscurity,

Men become fatherless and
Bastard their children without a love
Children must have to thrive in maturity
To be real men and women.

This lack of nourishment
Is a disease
Spread throughout our families,

Is there a cure at all!
To purge away these deeds,
Reconcile our mortal sins,
Confront our pains,
And ease our burdens.

I admit my heart has been attacked,
But I turn to the ONE who had
ALL hearts turned against HIS.

The One man who carried the lamb of Fate
In his arms as he gave his bread of Life
Shedding his Divine blood at his final breaths

Of Life when he was
Beaten, mocked, scourged, rebuked, tested
Emotionally, physically, and spiritually
As His agony led to extreme measures of DEATH
Yet He triumphed in glory after one day of Hell.

I look to this man for strength,
I beg Him for forgiveness,
And for the guidance to be an example to the world.

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