The Rain Child: Despaired Angel

June 7, 2008
By Arielle Henry, Houston, TX

Belittled and out of place,
A lone child walks through misery.
A child with no certainty of friendship,
Or kinship at that.

A fragile child with no purpose
Besides to host pain;
The pain no mortal can endure,
It is just that agonizing.

Despair engulfs the child
As said child walks,
Walks, and walks.

Lost and full of doubt
The child pursues onward
To no particular place.

Such a child lacks the warm heart,
The love
That a mother gives to her young.

The child scratches at her back.
Glowing feathers of reminiscence pour into her mind.
Heavens tears increase,
Soaking the child further.

Beautiful wings used to be present
There, on the girl’s back.
But, now,
The feathers have fallen
From a luminescent cream glow
To a grimy dirt-covered gray.

She’s alone in a forsaken city.
Left to wander around, aimlessly,
With no one, not a single soul, to converse with.

A curse which she must deal with;
A burden too heavy for anyone to comprehend.

Alone in a city
So gray and bleak,
The girl roams subconsciously through;
Wishing for better...
That will never come.

The once-called angel,
Cries out into the pounding misery.
Only to receive
No answer,
No voice,
No one…no one seems to even care.

The girl cradles herself,
Rocking back and forth.
She wants to go home,
But where is home?

The fallen angel
Knows exactly where home is,
No where.

Home is no where
For this fallen angel.
A curse she must live with;
A burden too heavy…

Why doesn’t she just end this?

Her reason is simple…

Hope is still alive.
Hope for forgiveness.
Hope for a new life.
Hope for friends and family.
Hope, hope,
Hope for...anything.

Even as the rain
Pounds down upon her,
The despaired angel,
The rain child,

Her hope will carry on
With her until the end,
Until her hopes & wishes are met
Until Death becomes her friend.

Hope shall carry on
Live within the rain child,
The despaired angel;
A hopeful angel.

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