January 31, 2011
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If we'd never been found, I'd be complete.
A perfect moment shattered, my future dead and bleak.
I remember you don't feel the same, how you think we're only friends.
But I love you so much more, I don't want to pretend.

If we'd never been found, I'd have stayed forever.
Wrapped in your arms, soul light as a feather.
All my problems, all my fears
seem to vanish when you're near.

If we'd never been found, it would've been the same.
You would've laughed, escaped my grasp, and I would feel ashamed.
I would go home, knowing it was only 'cause you tripped.
I'd go into my room, feel nothing but tears drip.

When I looked into your eyes, I felt my heart swell.
I laughed and grinned, and your voice rang like a bell.
And now, I cry, my sobs a melancholy call.
Because I know if we hadn't been found,
You would still feel nothing at all.

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