inside of me

January 31, 2011
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You say you know
And that you care
How it feels to feel unstable
Even about your hair

You say you know
And you understand
How it feels to see him kiss her
With his roaming hand

You say that you
See me often so you know
That everything I do
Is just for show

But there is so much
More you see
There are lots of
Things in me

Things one can’t see
With his eye
Things you could miss
If you just pass me by

I have a heart
And a smart mind
Something in this world
That is hard to find

I have deep feelings
And big dreams
That will never come true
Or so it seems

I have my own little world
Where I go when I’m sad
It changes everything
To the good from the bad

But it doesn’t get rid of
The worries in my head
I think all those over as I
Lay in my bed

But what I’m trying to tell
Isn’t easy to say
Maybe you’ll figure
It out one day

But there is so much to this
Body that you can’t see
That is the part that
I like to call me

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