June 6, 2008
Every brealth I took,
Made me re think if we were...
Meant to be,
when you put a smile on my face,
I just realize you were the one,
That I felt love between us,
And I deneyed the truth,
For so long,
Now it's too late,
For me,
Tell you the truth,
And you will never know,
What I felt when you were by myside,
Standing up for me,
I have you in my heart,
But not by my side anymore,
I miss those days,
When pain broke me in half,
And you healed my wounds,
Unlike other guys,
You treated me different,
The way I loved it,
It's too late,
And we should say,
"Good-Bye," then nothing,
I'm taking a bow,
As well as saying good- bye,
To you,
In my heart,
I'll say"I love you,"
And remember you.

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