covered in blood

February 5, 2011
she was lying on the ground,

and her eyes were closed,

her heart forever was silenced,

i turned my head,

no one was around,

she had left with sutch effortless violence,

i sat there for days,

blood all over the floor,

trying not to scream from the pain,

but my quiet then broke

when they came through the door,

and they carried her body away,

it all faded to back,

and i couldnt believe,

i had taken sombodies life,

i was covered in blood,

it was more like a dream,

i was up the rest of the night,

i stared into the mirror,

for hours on end,

it showed what im trying to hide,

staring back,

at the monster within,

lacking all of my pride,

i approached the coffin,

so stunning she looked,

beyond what eyes could see,

but i stopped in my tracks,

and i started to choke,

because the girl in the coffin......

was me

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WinterFairy said...
Feb. 20, 2011 at 9:09 pm
Really hauntingly beautiful. Reminds me of an Evanescence song.
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