Other Side Of The Line

June 6, 2008
By Catherine Meneses-Matthews, Hastings On Hudson, NY

When my eyes close at night
And my heart is heavier
Than my eyelids
I remember
And I wish.

How long ago
Was innocence lost?
When did "Once upon a time"
No longer hold magic
And I faded into the smog?

When I walk along the faded concrete
Sweat on my brow
And my footsteps echo
I remember
And I wish.

How long ago
Did perspectives blur?
The path was overgrown
And I lost my way.

When I curl up on the couch
Trying to shield myself
From the loneliness
I remember
And I wish.

How long ago
Did it evaporate?
Into thin air
Without notice
Emptiness in it's place.

When I look
And clearly see where I was
Where I could be
Right now
I remember
And I wish.

So long ago
I long for times
So long ago.
When you were there
And I was there

On the other side of the line.

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