I Deserve Better

June 6, 2008
By Dillon Blackburn, Newbury Park, CA

Broken hearted but on the mend,
I'm looking for you to tell me,
It will all be ok in the end.
I open my heart to you, foolish, yet again,
You'll let me down, I know it, It's your trend.

Emotions misleading, and eyes so deceptive,
I look to be used, abused and neglected.
I keep turning back, like I need you somehow,
Even though your the anchor, that's weighing me down.

I deserve better, for who I am
I deserve better, for what I give
I deserve better , for being the one
The one who you asked for,
When you said you were done.

It's me, the one who opened your door,
Who held you all night, when you could take it no more.
The one who was there for you,
No matter what, Who called you again and again,
When you wouldn't pick up.
It's me who would tell you, the things you needed to hear,
And its me who loved you, and held you so dear.

I said things to you, things you never said back
You missed out, on your very last chance.
Nice guys finish last, but you'll soon regret,
Because I'm the one that you COULD have kept.

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