Made of Stone

June 6, 2008
By Marlayna Olivares, Tucson, AZ

Darkness, despair, how can you bear? struggling to stay inside
fear of getting booted is tremendously high
becoming like clay, being molded the way they think you should be
while you don't say a thing, but always thinking: this isn't me
Letting them control who and what you are,
they dampen your spirits and take life away, but still you have nothing to say
you call them your friends, but is that what they are?
Do you truly want to be like them, or do you just want to fit in?
How you deal is puzzling to me
hopefully i can open your eyes so you can see
They are a clique and nothing more
pretending to be loving but always hating because envy runs through everyone of their veins, but they cannot show their pain
So they hide behind broken masks, hoping noone can see through the cracks
At who they really want to be, but they cannot say "this is the real me" because their "real me" has been forgotten, put away in the closet
because it is not what everyone else sees as cool
but not being you makes you a fool

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