Off to School

February 4, 2011
By Anonymous

From my warm, cozy house,
Out into the cold, winter morning,
Down the colorful, creaky steps,
Upon the dusty, mysterious trail,
Beyond the white, blanketed hill of snow,
Through the beautiful, sparse forest,
Past my uncle's little old house,
Toward the shimmering, icy pond,
Across the slippery, short bridge,
Around a herd of spotted, baby deer,
Beside a bare, familiar bush,
Beneath a towering, lifeless tree,
Onto a chilly, empty sidewalk,
Behind my best, most loyal friend,
Among a crowd of tired children,
Near a small, rural town,
Across the deserted, black road,
Under a tall, lighted street-lamp,
With my heavy, blue back pack,
Into the spacious, bright classroom,
For a helpful, long lasting education.

The author's comments:
This poem is made completely of prepositional phrases. It is about all of the things that a little child sees every morning on his way to school.

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