June 6, 2008
There was a guy named Danny Martin,
he was the biggest G. at Bush high school.
He got all the play
and was king of the campus.
Danny was a cool dude,
but there was a problem in the near future for Danny,
he had a little brother named Susie.
The problem with Susie was that he had been made fun
of all his life for the name
his mentally ill father gave him.
Thus he was kind of crazy
and would cut off kittens heads and stick it in kids mailboxes.
Susie had been in and out of hospitals for the past 5 years
for all of his failed suicide attempts.
But this is not the big picture.
The big picture was that Susie was getting out of the hospital
The whole martin family was happy to see him
except that is for Danny.
The reason being right before Susie had left
Danny had insulted him by insulting his illness.
Danny was worried because his brother was crazy
and had just spent the past month in the hospital
for committing suicide. Susie was really depressed because
Danny would not even get near him.
One night Danny found the strength to confront him
and to apologize to his brother.
When he walked in Susie’s room
he found Susie with a gun to his head
and told Danny he wanted to kill himself because
his brother didn’t love him.
Then Susie shot himself.
Danny felt so bad that he could not continue
with life,
so he picked up the gun and shot himself.
Danny just couldn’t deal with the guilt.
That was the end for Danny Martin.

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