June 6, 2008
Every time it begins anew
A wretched hand grips deep within
Twisting both joy and agony;
Convoluting the mind and soul
Warping the very fabric of being
A perverted fusion of life
Explain why it must hurt so much
A worthless waste of clandestine thoughts
Chalking a clean slate of mind
Leaving nothing untouched, unmarred
A disease cloud of infection
Permeating every single part
A dearth of privacy
Exposed to a myriad of poisons
Standing naked in a battlefield
Why bother with such a wasteful thing?
Nothing is made, nothing is learned
Only fiery passions of sophomoric thoughts
And beastly verbiage of hateful minds
Brash actions and brash mistakes
Lead to gnarled souls of which must heal
From hatred fueled contests
To sickly dialogues of disgusting nature
Questioning if it’s really worth it
To go through all the effort
But in the end a spark of light
Makes the journey and the pain
Less than a mouse in the big city
A speck of dust on a masterpiece
A tarnish on perfection
Only makes it more human
To only make it more perfect
As each day passes
Another opportunity taken
Or maybe another passed up
Every single day a chance to
Because all the sweat and tears
All the pain and suffering
They come together into one
And make something worth all of the above

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