June 6, 2008
By Jacob Belcher, Essex Junction, VT

I once tempted fate, so very long ago.
I walked right up to him and slapped him in the face
Stuck out my tongue and flaied my arms.
I thought I was so smart.

But fate was cunning and sneaky
And he made a plan so sly.
While I enjoyed the bounty
He brooded with evil delight.

Then when I thought I was clear
When I thought I had won, He exacted his revenge.
Fate grabbed me by the color and threw me to the ground.
He hit and kicked and scratched with great pleasure.

And after I was beaten, he took back what I had gained,
Plus much more that I would have.
He spat on me and then said:
"I am Fate, and you shall not have your way, but only mine."

And with that he vanished into darkness
Leaving me broken on the ground.
In the end Fate always gets his way
Even if it just takes some time.

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