June 6, 2008
By Alia Neff, San Jose, CA

You think you know the person well, you can trust them, you can love them.
They are the ones you can share your secrets with, they say they will never hurt you, they'll keep you safe.
You'd give your life for them, they'd do the same, they'd do anything to have you.
But what happens when they leave you? They would never do that, would they? You think that everyday.
Until they get to your weakness, they know everything about me, they would never lie to me, but they did.
Why would they do such a thing, you thought that they loved you, i've never done anything to them.
They're the one's who control and take you, they played you like a toy and i thought i trusted them with my heart and soul, how could they betray me so easily.
They will take everything there is, until there is nothing left, how dare they conrol me?
How dare they make me bleed? Then they will take your soulless body, and leave it to rot in hell.
They should know how i feel, and how it feels like to be torn apart, piece by peice!

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