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Ode to Harry Potter

January 29, 2011
By helizabethg GOLD, New York, New York
helizabethg GOLD, New York, New York
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Favorite Quote:
The stories we love best do live in us forever.

The boy who lived, you were once labeled,
A story told but never fabled.
By the hand of Voldemort your parents died,
Leaving you with the Dursley’s with whom you were meant to hide.

One day in came a large man,
Telling you of the life long plan,
To whisk you away to a wizarding school,
Run by a man wrongly thought of as an old fool.

You never thought you’d be part of such a fate,
An opportunity come eleven years late.
You quickly established yourself as a hero,
And lost the thought that you might be a zero.

That year you started a bit plain,
From a trap door there was much to gain.
A stone so powerful it could make one live forever,
To rescue it, you were forced to show that you were clever.

Many curses you had to break,
Before saving the stone the Dark Lord wanted to take.
But in the end of it all, you succeeded.
The expectations for someone your age exceeded.

Then again in your second year,
You showed that the only thing to fear was fear.
Ron was afraid and Hermione petrified,
And everybody knows Ginny would have died.

Venturing into the Chamber, a basilisk and diary you braved,
And alone because tunnel wall’s caved.
But you stabbed the book with the basilisk’s tooth,
And through that unraveled the truth.

The next year a big threat you thought you faced,
A back stabbing murderer following your trace.
But, innocent he turned out to be,
And for the first time in years, you had a real family.

That summer the lightning scar on your head began to burn,
Beginning to arouse much concern,
From your loving godfather, Sirius,
Who detected something very mysterious.

But, you powered on and conquered a great beast,
Making your popularity slightly increased.
Still, you had a long way to go,
A story filled with very much woe.

Cedric Diggory you were unable to save.
But, through it all you stayed characteristically brave.
When you returned you were quick to exclaim,
The return of Lord Voldemort back to his prior fame.

After that summer, back at Hogwarts school,
You were grouped with “the old fool”
People didn’t want to believe that you-know-who was back,
and that they were in danger of a serious attack.

With the help of your loyal friends,
You formed a group that’d fight ‘till their ends.
You taught them every thing you knew,
And to the cause they stayed continuously true.

You went to the Ministry of Magic,
To help someone you saw in a vision that was tragic.
Part of the DA went along and things went well,
But they quickly went wrong as people fell.

With one burst of green light,
Sirius Black went down in all of his might.
Your life quickly changed for the worst,
And you seemed to find a new thirst.

Chasing quickly after the villain, wand in hand,
You found a new boundary of magic, a new land.
When an unforgiveable curse you tried to utter,
All you seemed to be able to do was stutter.

Back to school weeks later for your sixth year,
You were taught that even to the best, things were unclear.
But, he educated you to help you defeat the Dark Lord,
And by your realizations, you were floored.

But at the end of that year, Dumbledore was killed
He left you to complete a mission, with which Mrs. Weasley was not thrilled,
Out of seven, five horcruxes you had to find,
Which turned out to be grind.

Your best friend almost abandoned you,
But leaving you for a while made his loyalty renew.
The golden trio you were, fighting for your cause,

The quest led you to your old school to stop the Dark Lord,
Which led to more which led to more loss than hearts cold afford.
But students jumped in line,
A heroic opportunity too legendary to resist.

When it was requested, you gave yourself up to save your friends,
Because it was on them that your heart depends.
Voldemort thought he killed you,
Which made everyone who thought so too very blue

What he didn't know was that you were really alive,
And no longer inside you his soul did thrive.
You came to and with everyone's help, succeeded,
Voldemort and the Death Eaters, finally defeated.

Time and time again you showed
That magic naturally through you flowed
Courageousness worthy of praise and honor,
Though many times you’ve been labeled a goner

Quick to rescue those in peril
In your classic wizarding apparel
Rescuing Ron from the mermaid’s lair,
And Hermione from a cat’s hair

Athletic and fast, you can catch that snitch,
And win the heart of one read haired witch.
Through the years you found your home,
Though sometimes you were forced to fight alone.

You’re Harry Potter, the boy who lived.
The chosen one.

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