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Silver Linining

January 29, 2011
By DramaticPause BRONZE, Hunginton Beach, California
DramaticPause BRONZE, Hunginton Beach, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see shadows." - Fortune Cookie

Beautiful isn't fitting into a size three pair of jeans.
Beautiful isn't living by popular means.

Beautiful isn't wasting time chasing cars,
Beautiful isn't being afraid to show your battle scars.

Though your cheekbones are high and your skin a perfect shade,
Your shallow personality is something that will quickly fade.

So stop and think before you make any more of your fool mistakes.
What can take years to build will take seconds to break.

Beautiful isn't going an entire day without eating a thing.
Beautiful isn't breaking somebody else's wings.

Beautiful isn't wasting every day uselessly crying.
Beautiful is always searching for that sweet silver lining.

Even though the world may turn you out into the bitter cold,
You will always feel the warm embrace of someone that you know.

The stage is yours so take it while you can
Because heaven's chances aren't known to last.

Beautiful isn't letting the world make you choke.
Beautiful is being strong enough to allow yourself to float.

Beautiful isn't putting up barriers because of differences.
Beautiful is being brave enough to cover those distances.

Even though the clouds hang high above your head
And make the entire world seem just a little more dead,

In every moment, remember this short and simple fact;
You're beautiful the way you are, so go forth and don't look back.

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