January 29, 2011
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There's your name,
Right underneath mine.
Written in with all
The wasted time.
Wasted on you,
Wasted trying to find
The point where we suddenly collide.

Your torturous treatment
Isn't very sweet,
And I must say I don't believe a word
Of what they say about you.
Because the thought of you and sympathy
Is quite absurd.

You pulled me in,
Injected your poison,
Leaving me there to die.
Then you suddenly appeared
Before I could shed tears.
That's when I started to hurt inside.

I'd rather drown you in the sea,
Don't want to hear a word you speak.
Words, somehow,
Don't get me anywhere,
Except when they are formed
From someone else's mouth.
Suddenly, you cared,
And that just wasn't fair.
I want you to shut up,
So maybe you could figure yourself out.

We both wear a mask,
A pathetic little smile.
So tell me,
Who is living the lie?
The man who treats a girl
How he would treat a bride,
Or the girl who foolishly cries?

I really want to find an answer,
You ignorant bastard,
But you left me with a million closed doors.
Raise your white flag,
Or leave with all you have.
I think that we have fought
Far to many wars.

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